Thursday, June 28, 2012

Claire's 1st Birthday!

On friday-June 22nd- we celebrated the 1st birthday of our sweet baby girl.  I can't believe it has been a whole year since she joined us.  I love her more than words could possibly describe.  She is our whole world.  She is growing so fast and has learned so much in just one year it is crazy.  Here are some pictures from her birthday photo shoot.

 We threw her a little party- she devoured her cake!  We took her to the zoo because she loves animals- goes crazy with excitement when she sees them! It is so funny!

 My attempt at a cake- not as amazing as the image in my head but it still turned out ok!
 The zoo
A few fun facts of my one year old girl:
She is a crazy fast crawler
She can walk along the furniture, pull herself up, can push a walker, and stand independently- but not walking yet- soon i'm sure
She loves other kids- just wants to play with them
She is a pretty friendly little thing
Has a silly personality- just does the funniest things
Has a few words- not just babbles- they include: ma ma, da da, and yum yum- she says it whenever she sees food or gets in her high chair.  
She can sign "more", play peek a boo, wave, clap and do patty cake, and moves her hands to itsy bitsy spider.

Happy Birthday Claire

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mount Rushmore Road Trip

We took a family vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota... Clark Griswald style.  We road tripped it about 10 hours and stayed several days in a cabin and took in the sites.  We had such a great time as a little family.
Mount Rushmore
Sylvan lake- so beautiful
Big Horn sheep
We made a trip to Bear Country USA- so fun- Claire LOVED the animals

Wolves- right next to the car- kinda scary

That is a bear asleep in the tree

Mountain Lions- also asleep in the tree

Claire bear lookin at the baby bears

 We next traveled to Custer State park and saw... more animals- a little bit more wild though than Bear County...
Buffalo- we bought Claire a stuffed one and its her favorite!

Really friendly donkeys.  They use to be pack animals to take travelers around the park but were set free a number of years ago- now they just are a wild pack that try to eat food out of your car

Needles Highway- crazy cool rock tunnels

We also visited the Badlands.  Really beautiful.  It reminded me of the Grand Canyon

Mountain Goats- Big momma and her babies

We visited the Crazy Horse Memorial- still in progress

We rode the 1880 train- it took us through the mountains.   It was relaxing and fun

Wall Drug- apparently its a big deal.  It was advertised for about 300 miles

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Latest and Greatest

It has been a little while since I have updated the blog- We have just been so busy!
We just got home from AZ for my little brothers wedding.  We had such a great time with my family- it was so good to see everyone together!

Claire has grown and learned so much- I thought I would share a quick video of her first swim!
We took advantage of the AZ heat and took a dip in the pool-

She held on to Dad so tight
 She is now a big time crawler!  She is all over the house exploring.  It looks like a tornado hit our family room.  She can also pull herself up to standing.
 She loves her crib and takes great naps.  She will just sit in there and play until I come get her!
 My silly girl with crazy hair- her pony tail fell out:)
Love those big blue eyes

Other tidbits:
She loves to play with kids even if they don't want to play with her:)
She has great fine motor skills and can pick up and eat small food easily
She loves to eat and is not picky at all!
Her favorite thing to play with is books
She is quite the babbler
She has two teeth on bottom and two on top and she grinds them-ugh
She can clap, wave, and we are working on peek-a-boo
She can crab walk with her butt in the air because she hates to crawl in tile- its so funny
We love her!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

I know its been a while since I updated but here are some cute pictures of our baby girl on Easter Sunday!
These are a few pics from the Gunn family picture extravaganza a month or so back
Claire and her cousin
In our backyard

I just love her sweet face
Checking our her easter dress- which I made!